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In search for the self...
Found a forbidden life.


He has no future. At least, it had been shattered by a devastating letter: the one that had stamped ‘failure’ into his heart. The manic Andy Chopak begins a journey toward an obscured realization. Through the twists and turns of a skewed past, Andy must decide between the pure life that shattered him and a ruthless one, one he’d been too afraid to follow before.

On top of the tainted pregnancy in Norah Hazel’s life, she is caught in the callous tide that is Andy, without even knowing it.  Taking us back to the beginning of her perilous misfortunes, our hearts beat with anxiety as the treacherous truths begin to unravel.

In a story of the balance in human life, lucidity flickers between these two raveled minds. The clocks don’t work. Everything’s in its right place, but the feel of life isn’t there. The powerful human mind takes over. The twisted road that these two beings embark upon is truly a story for the ages.


The pictures were of feelings... anything that travelled from his brain to the pen went on the page. The page was one of fear, spite, and hatred. These negative feelings would be dispersed of before he would commit the life-altering act. What he didn't know, was that the haunted page would forever be a symbol- not a solution- for the confusion that would encompass him until the end of his days. It would not be any more life-giving than his uncontrollable ambition, but instead it would be his requiem.


The Dark Thriller is set in cooling climate... the season that the cold-blooded come out to play.


Kyle Woodend